10 step-by-step tutorials so you can sew beautiful & custom decor for your home -- even if you only know how to sew a straight line.

What if I told you that you could...

dramatically change the way your home looks and feels with just a few simple sewing projects and avoid endlessly searching for the perfect decor.

Get this, future lover of your home. You can have the exact colors and patterns to make your home feel totally you by sewing your own home decor.

I've talked to so many women with sewing machines gathering dust in a closet somewhere who've told me how frustrated they were when they tried to sew. Honestly, I was there once too. I was trying to learn everything at once and was totally intimidated. Not to mention I couldn't find easy to follow instructions to make the things I desperately wanted to create.

That's when I started creating my own steps to sew beautiful home decor, and as a result I've become known for my easy-to-follow sewing tutorials. Then I had the idea to put them all together in this eBook so that you could have 10 Simple Sewing Projects for the Home at your fingertips.

10 Simple Sewing Projects for the Home will take the overwhelm out of the equation and get you creating beautiful decor for your home.

These are the exact instructions I wish I'd had when I started creating decor for my home!


This 45+ page eBook includes my best (tried and true) sewing tutorials for the home so that you can create beautiful decor. Without having to figure out the steps yourself, without getting frustrated, and without giving up.

You'll learn...

  • 10 sewing projects for the home with step-by-step tutorials with photos
  • tips for selecting the right type of fabric for your project
  • what supplies you need and where to find them
  • the best places to shop for fabric online
  • how to take measurements for your specific project

Want a sneak peek of the projects that you'll make?

Brilliant! I just made my first ever cushion cover Such clear instructions made it a very enjoyable afternoon!! Thankyou!!

X, Han

Thank you for a great tutorial and your simple and heartfelt encouragement. Who would have thought zippers were so scary…. that is until you simply follow your instructions and… voila a zippered pillow cover is now complete. Thank you


My Story...

A few years back, I was fed up with not being able to find the exact pillows, curtains, or bedding that I'd dreamed of. Most off the shelf home decor items were either not what I was looking for, or way out of my budget.

That's when I decided that making my own home decor was the way to go and I taught myself to sew. Turns out that you don't need to become an expert seamstress to create beautiful and custom decor for your home. Nope. You just need to know how to sew a straight line.

Now that I have this skill, it's just a matter of finding the right fabric and I get the exact look and size that I want.

Have more questions?

How will I access my eBook once I purchase?

As soon as your purchase is complete you will receive an email with instructions to download your copy of 10 Simple Sewing Projects for the Home. It is in PDF format and can be saved to your computer.

Will I receive my book in the mail?

This is a digital product, so nothing will be shipped. You will receive PDF files of the 47 page eBook.

I've never sewn before, or I'm not great at it. Are there tutorials to teach me?

I've created a free class to teach you how to sew that you can gain access to by signing up using the button below. You will learn basic sewing terms, how to set up your machine (video tutorials), and how to sew a straight line (video tutorial) so you can create custom home decor too!


Ready to make your own home decor and get the exact look you want in your home?

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